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...Jeb , this awesome brother!! your comments are"money" as you say thanks so much for that day well worth the trip!! i look forward to more of this and to ski with you again. Mike    

...The simple teaching methods used have made a very noticeable positive change in my technique. The VSYNC videos I have on file narrated by Matt and Jeb Boyd are the most powerful resource you could imagine.  I am looking forward to one of my favorite times of winter; training with ARC 2 ARC and using VSYNC. Mark

...The new hire tryout went very well. I cannot thank you enough for all the help. Irv    

...The Training lab is great. I liked the description of the exercise and then the explanation of it's purpose. Roz    

...Your ability to interact with the video and to point out the very small nuances is just awesome. It makes it crystal clear when you are pointing out small corrections that need to be made. What a great tool. I love it!!!! P.S. I’ll refer you to everyone! Joe    

...The video footage taken and reviewed by my coaches was sent to me with simple language about what the skiing looked like and what to do to improve certain skills / tasks being performed. This tool I found to be most valuable.    

...The assessment of everyone was the best I’ve seen or heard for that group of skiers. Every expectation that I had was met or surpassed. People were still talking about the previous two days. There was some really great discussion going in the changing room yesterday afternoon and at lunch, so you really made an impact. Every expectation I had for your presentation and the on snow portion of our clinic was not only met, but exceeded. Justin

...The curriculum was superb, my skiing peers from the east were some of the best I have ever skied with, and the quality of the material and the manner in which it was presented by Jeb Boyd was outstanding!

…As a ski instructor, I have taken years of personal skiing improvement group clinics run by my ski school staff, but I never improved my skiing as much as when I took a few half day private lessons with the staff of Arc2Arc. Their eye, knowledge, and ability to hone in on exactly what is needed are a reaffirmation on the value of one-on-one coaching. Roland

...You were just what the doctor ordered. The buzz around the locker rooms today was great. Everyone had a great time, and are excited about working on new stuff. Sherm

…Arc2Arc has coached me for the past 2 seasons, the progress I made getting to the next level in my skiing and teaching is off the charts. Each session I felt an instant change in my body movements and my communication skills. I took this into my own training until I owned it. Looking forward to next season with Arc2Arc. Mark

...They are very impressed with your skiing, clinicing skills and friendliness!! Carole

...You and Matt are PSIA's Mahre brothers. Win

…I thank you and Jeb for your continued pursuit in putting the best trainers out on the hill and your contemporary development of new training programs and delivery approaches for those programs. It was a wonderful experience all the way around.

...I'm already jonesin' that you're gone - it was too fun. When I went into work on Mon I felt like I had been gone a month cause I really got immersed into the ski weekend. I know the feedback will be strong because it was all weekend. Lane

...There have been some definite misinterpretations out there, but you really helped us clear some things up. We all know what to work on now, and I think we all have a better understanding of how to help each other. Mike

…You guys bring SOO much energy, knowledge and skill to the sport and the profession that we are very fortunate to have you. It has been a pleasure working with you, learning from you and getting to know you. I look forward to much more time together in the future. Steve

...Our staff raves about you and your presentation. Tom

...Thank you for all of your great coaching, it has and will pay off for me every time I visualize you skiing the bumps, crud, whatever, is in front of me. Laura

…Just wanted to share a moment of pride in having had both of you as my coach and mentor. Look forward to spending time with both of you again next season. Mike

...You are two of the finest instructors I’ve ever had the privilege of skiing with. Dan